Bitcoin Could Eventually Have a $100 Trillion Market Value


(MENAFN – In the latest sign of acceptance, Visa (NYSE:V) is betting big on cryptocurrency. In fact, CEO Alfred Kelly, as noted by Crypto Potato says Visa’s “Potential plans include enabling direct cryptocurrency purchases on all Visa cards worldwide, cryptocurrency conversion systems at Visa merchant checkpoints, and allowing financial institutions to settle cryptocurrency transactions with stable coins like USDC.” Kelly says Visa views Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets as “digital gold.” Other companies jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon include Corp. (NEO:COIN), MicroStrategy Inc. (NASDAQ:MSTR), Paypal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:PYPL), and HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (OTC:HVBTF).

Coupled with retail and institutional interest, cryptocurrencies could race to higher highs. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor believes Bitcoin could one day have a market value of more than $100 trillion. Analysts including Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, as noted by CNBC, says Bitcoin could rally to $500,000 by the end of the decade.  “I think that bitcoin will eventually rise to become the global reserve currency. I think bitcoin will eventually be much, much larger than the gold market cap.”

Look at Corp. (NEO:COIN), for example

NEO is pleased to announce that, a cryptocurrency technology company, is now listed on the NEO Exchange. is available for trading under the symbol NEO:COIN . provides investors with a simple and secure way to get exposure to the cryptocurrencies that power Decentralized Finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is achieved through Proof-of-Stake or Staking technology, the environmentally friendly alternative to crypto mining. The Company creates value for investors by earning Staking rewards and through the appreciation of its crypto assets used in the staking process.

Decentralized Finance is the new class of financial applications that are disrupting how financial services are delivered to consumers. Borrowing, lending, and trading are now able to function digitally without the need for third party intermediaries, and NFTs are redefining gaming, art, music, entertainment, and collectibles.

“Through our unique business plan, we’ve created significant shareholder value as a private entity,” commented Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and an experienced blockchain entrepreneur. “We’re now ready to bring our platform to a broader audience through a public listing on the NEO Exchange. We are impressed with the professionalism and innovation shown by the NEO team and are excited to partner with them on the next stage of our growth.”

The Board of Directors is comprised of several industry leaders, including the Company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Kiguel; Fred Pye, the Executive Chairman and CEO of 3iQ Corp; Jimmy Vaiopoulos, the former CFO of Hut 8…

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