Bitfinex, a Pioneering Tier-1 Exchange, Lists XinFin Network’s Native XDC Token


PRESS RELEASE. After Indodax, and Bitrue, XinFin Digital Contract ($XDC) tokens—the fuel of XinFin’s enterprise-ready, hybrid blockchain ecosystem—will be available on Bitfinex—a pioneering Tier-1 exchange—from 11 a.m. (UST) on November 16, 2020.

On November 16th, XinFin’s native utility token—XinFin Digital Contract or XDC—will join other leading cryptos listed on Bitfinex, a state-of-the-art digital token trading platform, based in the British Virgin Islands. In the initial phase, the exchange will list two trading pairs—XDC-USD (fiat) and XDC-USDT (Tether token, a USD-pegged stablecoin)—enabling its users to buy, sell, convert, send, receive, and store XDC. Considering that Bitfinex has an extensive, multi-lingual community of Russian, Chinese, and English speakers, the collaboration will substantially widen the exposure and adoption of XinFin’s utilities.

As an enterprise-ready hybrid ecosystem that combines the best of private and public blockchains, the XinFin mainnet comprises solutions that are disrupting a wide range of sectors, from education to trade and beyond. The XDC token functions as the fuel of this multidimensional network, enabling its holder’s access to diverse, real-world use cases, such as TradeFinex, MyContract, and BlockDegree.

TradeFinex is an ADGM Reg Lab entity and a XinFin-based, decentralized marketplace for buyers, sellers, brokers, and financiers. The platform offers a fully-structured framework and common distribution standard for SMBs and other trade finance originators to connect with an ever-increasing community of alternative asset investors, including both banks and non-banks funding. Backed by XDC liquidity, the TradeFinex network facilitates invoicing, guarantees, line of credit, and bill of lading, among other solutions.

MyContract is a XinFin-powered middleware that functions as a stable, secure, decentralized, and blockchain-agnostic bridge between centralized entities. To achieve its function, the solution leverages web3 APIs and other open-source SDKs. BlockDegree is a decentralized edTech solution accredited by the Education Blockchain Action Network, US, and SkillsFuture, Singapore. Its primary mission is to build robust talent pipelines by empowering learners with P2P technology and enabling them to acquire new skills online. Furthermore, it offers a digital certificate that is payable using XDC and is stored immutably on the XinFin blockchain.

As a whole, the XDC network represents a developer-friendly toolkit, including solutions such as One-Click Installer, XinPay, and Remix. Coupled with secured XinFin wallets, these solutions enable developers to quickly deploy DApps and Smart Contracts on the XDC blockchain while incentivizing innovations through diverse Bounty Programs.

Broadening the horizons for the XinFin community, Bitfinex supports individual and corporate registration for fiat, apart from the standard,…

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