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Bitcoin is a virtual currency used for online trading. Bitcoin made its debut in the year 2009. This digital cash can be used to buy various products or services online but in the form of bitcoins only.

Bitcoins can be traded from recognized companies such as Expedia and can be exchanged with private users in settling down debts and also can be swapped with other currencies for numerous uses (in both traditional or virtual forms) through companies that function as forex exchanges.

As bitcoin is a widely acceptable cryptocurrency and is used as the primary mode of payment, Bitcoin has become the first modern and one of the most versatile cryptocurrencies as well.

The trading of bitcoins eliminates the need for intermediaries like banks or other government regulators. Private codes are printed inside the bitcoins to make them worth trading and a consensus algorithm are used to create a fair digital ecosystem.

How Bitcoin works?

The code of bitcoins is printed using the most complex algorithms including cryptography. The principles used in underlying code are formed using advanced mathematics and computer engineering techniques which makes it impossible to hack. This stamps the security of bitcoins or their values.

The less popular fact about Bitcoin is that it can be subdivided in the form of further smaller units of value. Yes! Bitcoins can be subdivided into smallest unit values in the form of decimals and the smallest Bitcoin unit so far is 0.00000001.

This smallest unit value is popularly known by the name Satoshi. As this is the smallest unit value of bitcoin so far, thus Satoshi cannot be broken further.

Coming to the storage, traditional money or cash is kept in physical wallets or purses whereas ‘digital wallets’ are used to keep Bitcoins. This ‘digital wallet’ application can be used on mobile or the computer. As an owner of the cryptocurrency, the investor can safeguard bitcoins as a whole or even part of digital currency into the wallet. Whenever the trader wishes to sell them or use them, they can make transactions from the digital wallet and all these transactions can be recorded in a public ledger, called the Blockchain.

Blockchain is responsible for keeping all the transaction records and the track record of traded cryptocurrencies. To authorise and confirm every transaction, private and public keys are used in the wallet, which allows owners to initiate the transaction by putting digital signatures.

The investor also has a choice between two types of wallets that can be used to keep digital money- Hot Wallet (where the cryptocurrency can be stored on trusted exchanges in the cloud when connected to the internet) and Cold Wallet (where a thumb drive allows you to carry or download bitcoins, they don’t need internet). The cold wallet is an encrypted portable device.


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