Leading Social Investing App Invstr Launches Crypto Trading in Partnership with


Financial Education & Investing App Offers Commission-Free Crypto Trading Through a Nationally Regulated Bank, Providing Additional Trust for New Investors in the Crypto Economy

Award-winning social investment app Invstr announces the launch of cryptocurrency trading through a new partnership with Vast Bank and leveraging the Coinbase exchange platform for trading.

Invstr members in all 50 U.S. states are now able to buy and sell four crypto currencies — Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin — in their Invstr+ accounts. The minimum crypto investment amount is just $5.

This means that an Invstr+ account holder has the convenience of being able to save or spend their money, and invest commission-free in almost 5,000 US equities, ETFs and crypto currencies seamlessly in a single account. The Invstr+ accounts are protected with Okta security and have no monthly or annual fees.

Invstr’s partnership with Vast Bank, the first U.S. bank to offer digital asset custody, means that Invstr customers’ crypto currencies are custodied in a nationally regulated U.S. bank. Further, Coinbase adds the world-class liquidity and expertise of one of the largest crypto exchange platforms in the USA. A recent survey found that 60% of current crypto owners would use their bank to invest in cryptocurrencies if given the opportunity.

Invstr’s new investment features mean that Invstr is not only the best platform to learn how to invest smarter but also the most convenient and secure digital investment account.

Unlike other investment applications, Invstr has established a reputation as a leading financial educational platform with a range of features including an investing Academy, social network, live simulated portfolios through Invstr’s Fantasy Finance® and detailed analytics to help users understand the markets and make more informed investing decisions. Invstr’s financial education includes sections on investing in crypto assets.

“We are delighted to be working with Vast Bank and Coinbase to offer everyone all the fun, social engagement, financial education, convenience and security of Invstr with the comfort of holding crypto in a US bank and the liquidity of Coinbase. For many people, investing in crypto currencies is a big leap of faith. Our partnership with Vast Bank and leveraging Coinbase’s exchange platform reduces the perceived risk of investing in crypto currencies and should encourage many more people to take the plunge for the first time,” said Invstr founder and CEO, Kerim Derhalli.

“Retail investors have experienced a major revelation — that they can make better returns themselves than giving their money to professional Wall Street investors that have historically underperformed the market. Young people actually have a distinct advantage in this age of the retail investor because they are more closely connected to trends that will drive the markets in the future, especially in the crypto, technology and consumer…

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