A press release is one of the most effective ways of getting instant news out to a target audience for your cryptocurrency project. Press releases are also often referred to as official announcements or news releases. Organizations issue them to related media in order to reach their target readers quickly and effectively.  

At NewsOnCoin our audience is crypto traders, bitcoin investors, blockchain experts and everybody with an interest in digital assets. A cryptocurrency, blockchain industry, or bitcoin press release at NewsOnCoin will reach the people you need to inform them about the latest news, updates and developments around your cryptocurrency project. 

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) have now morphed into exchange offersings or security token offerings but press releases are still the best way to get the news out about any new crypto investment products on the market. NewsOnCoin readers are constantly on the lookout for reliable, trustworthy and recommended cryptocurrency investments, making a press release on our platform the easiest and fastest way to reach them. 

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We allow a maximum of 2 PR per entity/event per week. We can publish your PR also on the weekend, as we experience the same or higher traffic on weekends, compared to weekdays (we do not suffer from the weekend dips many mainstream media outlets do). 

Submission does not in any way guarantee approval and publication. Please allow at least 24h for approval, this is a planned marketing product, not a news service. Please follow standard PR guidelines 

Please keep your headline short (max 100 characters) and make it relevant (make sure to mention the brand/product in your headline). Exclamation, parentheses and question marks not allowed.  

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