World’s Wealthiest Annual Ranking Now Lists 12 Crypto Billionaires – Featured


The American business magazine Forbes recently published the company’s 2021 documentation of the wealthiest billionaires in the world. According to the list published annually every March, there are now 12 billionaires that work directly within the cryptocurrency industry and the list of crypto billionaires is 3x larger than last year.

Today’s Crypto Billionaires List

Since March 1987, Forbes has been publishing a list of the world’s wealthiest billionaires compiled in a list for the public to view. Back then the Japanese businessman and real-estate mogul Yoshiaki Tsutsumi was the richest person in 1987 with an estimated wealth of around $20 billion. Since then, and every year after, Forbes has deployed around 50 journalists to find and track the globe’s richest people. In 2021, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world with an estimated $177 billion. Bezos was the first human on earth to be listed on Forbes as a centibillionaire.

Bezos is followed by the dogecoin (DOGE) fan and Tesla CEO Elon Musk with 151 billion. Then there is Bernard Arnault and his family who own companies like Sephora and Louis Vuitton and they hold around $150 billion in net worth. Those three are followed by Microsoft’s Bill Gates ($124B) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ($97B). In 2021, Forbe’s list of global billionaires now includes 12 crypto billionaires who are directly associated with the digital currency industry. Elon Musk could be considered a crypto billionaire, but most would say he’s more of a proponent than someone infused within the blockchain industry.

World's Wealthiest Annual Ranking Now Lists 12 Crypto Billionaires
From top to bottom and left to right: Sam Bankman-Fried, Brian Armstrong, the Winklevoss Twins, Chris Larsen, Michael Saylor, Jed McCaleb, Fred Ersham, ChangPeng Zhao (CZ), Barry Silbert, Matthew Roszak, and Tim Draper.

Another person not mentioned among 2021’s crypto billionaires is Satoshi Nakamoto. Using today’s exchange rates, Nakamoto could be worth more than $59 billion. The 12 crypto billionaires noted in this year’s list work with digital currency exchanges or are venture capitalists who invest heavily in crypto startups. Forbes notes that the FTX Exchange CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried is the wealthiest crypto billionaire with $8.7 billion today. The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, is the second wealthiest with around $6.5 billion. The next two people are the Winklevoss Twins, founders of the Gemini Exchange with a collective net worth of around $6 billion.

A Few Changes This Year Could Increase the 2022 Crypto Billionaires List

The cofounder of Ripple Labs Chris Larsen holds the fourth position with $3.5 billion in wealth. The CEO of Microstrategy Michael Saylor is noted in the list for having $2.3 billion. Another Ripple cofounder is also mentioned on Forbes’ 2021 billionaire list as Jed McCaleb is estimated to have around $2 billion. The cofounder of Coinbase Fred…

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