XTRA Bitcoin Inc :. Developing A Bitcoin Mining Facility


The global cryptocurrency mining hardware market is expected to grow over USD 2.2 billion between 2018-2022, owing to the profitability of cryptocurrency mining ventures.

XTRA Bitcoin Inc. (OTCMKTS: CBTC) is a growth-oriented Bitcoin mining company. The Company leased 2.5MW capacity and facilities and is also raising funds to develop a 10MW bitcoin mining facility in 2.5MW phases. With the latest ASIC chip technology, the company is developing a 2.5 MW phase 1 of a planned 10 MW bitcoin mining facility to deploy energy-efficient miners. https://bit.ly/35aw2kH

Lastly on March 6, 2020, Company entered contract to purchase 37 Antminer T17+ 55 TH/s bitcoin miners, electrical infrastructure, and installation at the RINK facility in Canada. https://bit.ly/35aw2kH

At the time of this article, Bitcoin is trading at $10,895 after having reached as high as $13,576 on October 12, 2020.





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